August 27-28 (North Dakota)

August 27: The first day I didn't wear bike shorts. Not only was the chill of the morning foreshadowing the onset of winter, it was cool enough to spend the entire day in leggings. No bike shorts also meant I spent the day with no padding while riding. It took almost 2 months, but my butt had finally become seemingly impervious to 8 or more hours per day spent on a bicycle seat.

Dobby is officially too tall for his trailer, meaning when the front is closed he cannot stand up without ducking his head. This will most likely be Dobby's one and only long distance bicycle trip. I ride with the top up as much as weather and sun glare permit, but Dobby once again proved that Murphy's Law ("anything that can go wrong, will go wrong") must have been originally intended for animals. I will remind the audience that this is the same animal who almost strangled himself to death in Buffalo, NY. While riding down a semi-busy road (this is North Dakota, so "busy" is relative) Dobby became so interested in something he saw across the road that he leaned too far out of the front of the trailer... and fell out. Yup. This clumsy puppy of mine literally fell head first out of the stupid trailer. Face planted into blacktop. Fortunately I'm a slow bicyclist and he got away with two very small scrapes on his chin and front leg. This is one of those situations where, once you've discovered that your charge is not severely harmed, you bust out laughing. Or maybe that's just me.

At the end of the day we crossed into North Dakota! Fargo, ND is located right on the state border, which is delineated by a river. I stayed in a campground located on that river. Even though the campground was located in the middle of downtown Fargo, it was relatively peaceful and I enjoyed getting to walk Dobby around the city park. 

August 28: This was my longest day to date. I bicycled 72.4 miles, literally bicycling past sunset. I reached my ambitious destination of Valley City, ND only to find that the campground was full. Not wanting to spend $100 or more on a hotel, I called the police department and inquired about pitching my tent in the local park and was given permission to do so. I ordered pizza delivered to my tent. I ate the entire thing.