August 14-17 (Iowa)

Iowa's phrase is "Fields of Opportunity." Fields. Get it? It's punny. 

  • First view of Mississippi River
  • Outside Wyoming, IA (confusing, isn't it?) the chain on my bike finally gave out. I probably could have gotten it fixed enough to get me the next few days to a bike shop but a good samaritan I had actually met in the previous town offered me a ride to a hardware store where the owner fixes bikes. He only had 9 speed chain links (I have a 10 speed) which means it was slightly wider than it should be, but it worked.
  • I got to take my first shower in a week
  • Took another zero day in Lansing at the Red Barn Resort Campground where I got to do laundry and hangout on the covered back porch of the resort restaurant while it poured rain on and off all day. A limb fell from a tree onto my tent. We weren't inside the tent and it only ripped a small hole in my rain fly. Like most everything in existence, it was easily fixed by duct tape.

We have traveled 1,931 miles.