August 18-26 (Minnesota)

Minnesota was unbelievably beautiful. I rode north along the Mississippi River for quite some time. The weather was mild, even a little chilly some mornings. I would argue this is the most bicycle-friendly state on this route. Even Minneapolis (which isn't technically on the route but I went through it anyway) is able to be completely traversed by bike paths and trails. 

  • I got my bike chain replaced in Winona and got to go in a camping supplies store (it's like Christmas)
  • I met another cyclist going West! He left Bar Harbor about two weeks after I did. So what has taken me seven weeks to traverse only took him five. Cue daydreams where I unhitch Dobby's trailer and leave it on the side of the road. Just kidding, I love my dog and even if it extends my trip and pain level I wouldn't give up bringing him along for anything.
  • I took another zero day at the Treasure Island Casino campground due to inclement weather, but the sky cleared up just enough to see the eclipse. A woman in camp had welding goggles so I could actually look!
  • Dobby got stung by a bee he tried to eat and his face blew up. I tried not to laugh. I really did.
  • I stayed in a hotel outside Minneapolis where I reacquainted myself with how awesome beds are.
  • In St. Cloud, I got my trailer hitch re-epoxyed onto the ogre as it had finally worn out.
  • Lake Wobegon Trail and Central Lakes Trail exhibited one gorgeous body of water after another.
  • In Alexandria, I got a new brake pad.
  • On the 26th, one trailer tire went flat. Twice. I never figured out exactly what caused it but my best guess is a small piece of glass or similar sharp object got between the tire tube and the sidewall. 

We have traveled 2,343 miles.