August 7-8 (Indiana)

August 7: On reaching Buffalo, Indiana I stopped at a convenience store and ended up speaking with a woman named Tammy. She wanted to meet Dobby. After she heard about my trip, she offered me a place to camp in her yard as she lived very close by. She and her family live on an island in the middle of a river. You cross halfway across a bridge before turning into their driveway. It was so cool and Tammy reminded me a lot of my own mom. She invited me to eat dinner with her family, washed my clothes, and let me sit on their couch and watch TV. I can't remember the last time I sat down and watched TV. Due to being surrounded on all sides by water, Dobby got to run free around the property, and run he did. 

August 8: I crossed the border into Illinois around 5pm. The town of Iroquois , IL has a population of 150 people and a main street comprised of 6 buildings. It was so cute. The park right in town has cyclist-only lodging comprised of a building with a cot, refrigerator, shower, air conditioning, and a garage to keep your bike in! It was so relaxing and there was a cafe right nearby for dinner and breakfast the following day.

We have traveled 1,511 miles.