July 23-25 (The Erie Canal)

July 23rd was my first day biking more than 50 miles (52.9 thank you very much). This felt like a significant milestone. The land is much flatter than when I started out in Maine, but I'm also much stronger.

I'll say it again: Your body is capable of so much more than you think.

Before this trip I had never biked more than 15 miles at once before, and that was on the east coast, where elevation in nonexistent. I set up my tent in Palmyra, New York in their Fairground (the fair isn't until August). The weather wasn't looking good for the night, and to my extreme amusement the boy scout troop staying there as well set up camp inside a building. I could understand these measures if there was going to be a major weather event such as a tornado or hurricane, but the troop leader was driven to inside camping by the mere chance of a thunderstorm. I'm not sure what lesson about surviving in nature that taught the group of young teenagers but I know I got a good laugh out of it.

July 24th brought me to the Erie Canal Trail, a sometimes-paved toe-path along the historical waterway. Being flat and car free, Dobby was able to run significant portions of it beside me, which he seemed to enjoy. I ran into a lot of rain while on the canal, but it was usually interspersed with sunshine and I did not mind too much since this cut down on trail traffic.  


The Erie Canal Trail mostly goes through small towns, but it travels directly through them, which made access to services incredibly easy. I merely had to pick a quaint place to eat or sit and enjoy the sun (when it showed), the mild temperatures, and the people walking by. 

On the 25th when I stayed in Lockport at Widewaters Marine, I got to do laundry! It's amazing the small things that become such luxuries during a trip like this. I got to sleep in a clean, fresh-smelling sleeping bag knowing I would get to put on clean (dry!) clothes the next morning. 

We have traveled 851 miles.