July 26-27 (Canada!)

After completing the Erie Canal Trail, Dobby and I headed to Canada! I've only been to Canada once and I was four years old so I have only pieces of memories of Niagara Falls (mostly disappointment that we couldn't ride the ferry due to my newborn cousin).

Crossing the border was much easier than I anticipated. I had researched that to bring a dog into Canada you needed proof of a rabies vaccination, which I brought with me. Going through customs (basically a toll booth) was so low-key, I didn't realize I was being interviewed; I just thought the border agent was extra friendly. I was disappointed he didn't "sound Canadian" until partway through our conversation he ended a sentence with "Aye?" I did my best to hide my gleeful smile so as not to portray how excited this monosyllable made me.

Unfortunately once I made it though customs, I missed some vital turn, because I ended up on a freeway. Luckily there was an ample shoulder until I could get to the next exit a few miles away. I experienced a moment of panic when I saw the speed limit signs since they were in kilometers and I did not know the conversion, then laughed at myself as I realized that at no point was I going to be breaking the speed limit while on a bicycle. I found the appropriate trail eventually (without GPS since I had no cell service in Canada) and followed the Niagara River. The river was one of the most beautiful shades of blue-green I have ever seen in nature, but there were way too many people around for my comfort level so I did not get too close to the falls. I spent the night in a campground and headed back into the U.S. (via Buffalo) the following day.

Reentering the U.S. proved no more difficult. I rode up to the customs building, rang a buzzer, and spoke to a customs agent for maybe ten minutes. He asked me if Dobby was vaccinated and if I had any cigars, alcohol, or weapons. I told him I had a knife. He checked my passport but did not check any bags or Dobby's certificate. I was almost disappointed that my level of preparation for border crossings had been unnecessary. 

We have traveled 893 miles.