July 27 (We Hate Buffalo)

Have I mentioned I hate cities? I hate cities. 

Crossing back into the U.S. and finding myself smack in the middle of Buffalo, NY was... disorienting. Annoying. Unpleasant. Sorry Buffalo, I'll take NYC any day. At least New York City has culture and history. Buffalo seems to have... pink-hued concrete.

If enduring city travel wasn't enough, Dobby decided this was the opportune time to have a life or death struggle. Seriously.

I was on a street corner, on the phone with my mom, trying to figure out which way to go to get the hell out of my concrete-filled nightmare, when Dobby starts thrashing around in the trailer. The front was open, so I could see him, and he had somehow wrapped himself up in his tether and twisted his collar to the point where he could barely breathe. These are the situations where you find out how well you can handle an emergency. I may have a biased memory of how this went but that's the only point of view you're going to get. 

I "calmly" threw my phone to the ground. I tried to untangle the tether, harness, and collar. I tried to loosen the cinch on his collar. I pleaded with Dobby to quit squirming while gasping for air. Once he started to convulse and foam at the mouth I may have lost it a little. I grabbed my knife and sawed through the collar. I had to cut down towards his neck because there was no room to slip the knife between the collar and his neck. Somehow I avoided cutting him. 

He seemed alright once he caught his breath, but refused water. He had lost all the hair on the underside of his neck and the skin was an angry red. Life-or-death situation dispelled, my adrenaline subsided, leaving me shaky. I walked my bike through Buffalo city streets and kept heading west.

My mom convinced me to stay on route 5 west instead of going south to Orchard Park like the route describes. I subsequently rode through a very low income area, ran over a bunch of glass, thought I had a flat tire, and witnessed a drug deal outside of a convenience store.

We hate Buffalo.

We spent one more day in New York along Lake Erie before heading through Pennsylvania to Ohio.

We have traveled 938 miles.