July 29-August 3 (Ohio)

As you go through life, you can visit places and think "I could live here one day." This also means that you could visit a place and decide "I can check this off of any list regarding where I may want to live one day." Ohio falls into the latter category for me.

There's nothing blatantly wrong with Ohio, I just didn't like the "vibe." I'm sure those who live right on Lake Erie enjoy an incredible view, but that view is almost entirely blocked from the road. There are entire neighborhoods warning travelers about trespassing; It seems they do not want to share their views with anyone else.

That being said, I don't have a lot to say about most of Ohio so here's a brief summary:

  • I lost my license somewhere. Good thing I'm not driving a car anytime soon.
  • I stayed with very nice Warm Showers hosts Lisa and Steven. It is not their fault at all that I do not like Ohio. They met while taking separate bicycle tours and are incredibly friendly people.
  • My muscles got progressively more and more sore, indicating I should probably take a rest day soon.
  • I found another camping supply store to stock up on dehydrated meals and replace Dobby's collar.
  • I started re-listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks. 
  • I spent a few hours one day riding with three men traveling from NYC to LA, but our paths separated (which was for the best as I could not have kept up with them long term).