September 1 (Sue from Galata)

September 1: I left Hingham and the Hi-Way Bar at around 8 am. There was no wind! It was awesome. Compared to the previous day, I felt like I was flying down the flat Montana highway. At some point during the morning I realized it was September. Woah.

The wind picked up again around noon. My pace slowed to a crawl yet again. As the afternoon wore on, the wind became stronger and stronger until I felt like I was battling to remain in the same place, nevermind moving forward.

I reached Galata, my goal for the day, around 5pm. My map had said there was an RV park here, and I was hoping maybe the proprietors would let me set up a tent for the night. I saw no RV park. There was dust blowing down the road, giving the wind a visible shape. Had I not been wearing sunglasses, I doubt I would have been able to see. What I did see was the Galata motel. A small, quaint looking building consisting of one row of rooms, maybe eight total. At this point in the day, I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least check the cost of a room.

The office had been newly converted into a small store. Inside I met Sue, the owner. I was so grateful to be out of the wind. When you’re outside all the time, you get used to what nature is throwing at you, even the unenjoyable parts. Then when you’re removed from the elements, you finally remember what life is like without wind, rain, snow, freezing cold etc. Sue regretfully told me she did not have any clean rooms, as she had been completely rented out by a construction crew paving roads nearby. They were gone for the holiday weekend, (this was the Friday before Labor Day) but Sue hadn’t cleaned the rooms yet. Consequently Sue offered me one of the rooms for the night free. As much as I love free stuff, I felt better earning my keep. I helped clean two of the rooms while Dobby took a nap in our room. Flipping rooms was nothing new, as it was something I had done before when I worked on a ranch in Wyoming. After I had finished cleaning, Dobby and I watched Criminal Minds on TV and then YouTube videos on camper renovations. Free place to stay. Honest work with a wonderfully kind woman. Out of the wind. I couldn’t have asked for more.

We had traveled 2,542.4 miles.