July 20 (Dobby's birthiversary)

July 20: Dobby turned 9 months old today! He got breakfast sausage and a new toy from Ruffwear, which lasted a total of approximately 20 minutes before he destroyed it. Guess it wasn't "ruff" enough.

We passed a camping supply store in Old Forge, NY which has quickly become my favorite kind of retail to peruse. I bought a new sleeping pad from Sea to Summit that is so much smaller and lighter than my old one, and immensely more comfortable. I also bought chacos because my flip flops disintegrated. We saw a whitetail doe walking down main street, seemingly unworried by the cars and people passing her (though there weren't many of either). Dobby was incredibly upset by her lack of reaction to his ferocious puppy growls. 

Old vs. New

Old vs. New

We ate lunch in Boonville, NY after taking a pretty toe-path along a canal into town. The woman working in the diner gave Dobby a bowl of vanilla ice cream. He was definitely enjoying his monthiversary. We finished our ride in West Leyden, at a convenience store called The Hilltop Market, which is indicated on my map to allow bikers to set up tents in a grassy area nearby. The store is aptly named as I had to walk my way up a rather long hill while it drizzled. 

Since we reached the end of our ride relatively early in the day, I decided to some research on the internet in regards to the numbness in the tips of my ring and pinky fingers. It turns out this is a relatively common problem for bicyclists, and is colloquially called "Cyclist's Palsy." Basically the near-constant weight of your hands on the handlebars puts pressure on the Ulnar nerve which runs through your wrist and up towards your pinky finger, leading to slight nerve damage and numbness. For me, it has also led to slight muscle weakness in my hands. Some tasks have become just a little more difficult or clumsy to complete, such as depressing a carabiner or unlatching a buckle. 

We have traveled 625 miles.