An eclectic collection of tasks I’ve taught myself out of necessity or stubbornness, I hope this page helps others realize their capability and independence.


Building a Sleeping Platform

Not one for camping? Don’t know how to set up a tent? Consider building a removable sleeping platform in your vehicle with storage underneath! Click below for a detailed explanation of how I built a sleeping platform and storage in my Subaru Outback.


Packing My Sleeping Platform

How I packed my 2013 Subaru Outback and sleeping platform for a cross-country trip from Georgia to Texas.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting…. Freezing Temperatures

What do you do when you encounter unexpected cold temperatures while out in the woods? You find ways to be as comfortable as possible. Click below to read about some of the tricks I implemented when a fall October thru-hike in Vermont turned into a winter thru-hike overnight.


Upcycle Soup Cans into Planters

Ever wondered what to do with those soup cans other than throw them in the recycling bin? Make adorable planters!